Marine Le Pen intends to file a complaint against Libé

Marine Le Pen was invited this morning to Renaud Blanc’s microphone on Radio Classique. She had the opportunity to react to the front page of the daily Liberation, whose title “Financing of the FN, shady white blue” reveals an investigation into the financing of electoral campaigns involving “campaign kits” including a website, leaflets and posters designed by Riwal and sold to candidates by Marine Le Pen’s micro-party “Jeanne”. Sold between 3,000 and 10,000 euros, these overvalued kits cast doubt on the existence of retrocommissions between Riwal and FN funds. Riwal also offers loans at the high rate of 6.5%. Already in place in 2012, this system now interests the justice system and Riwal’s boss, Frédéric Chatillon, has been indicted on several counts, including “swindle” as reported by Liberation.

On Radio Classique, Marine Le Pen defended herself against any embezzlement: “The National Front has nothing to blame itself for. If you ask for funding, it is quite legitimate for Jeanne to ask herself the question of whether the funding will be used to campaign and not to buy a car or to do something else (…) The FN has set up a circuit fully transparent via the CNCCFP (National Account of Campaign Accounts and Political Financing – Editor’s note). It’s been 4 elections that we use it, validated by the Constitutional Council this system was used in the presidential to allow our candidates to finance their campaign and make democracy work because the basic problem is that all banks refuse to lend money to finance election campaigns. ”

Following this investigation, the president of the National Front confirmed her intention to file a complaint against Liberation. invites you to review the interview with Marine Le Pen.