SANTE: Why grow your own marijuana?

Marijuana, Indian hemp, hashish, cannabis, beef… a plant known all over the world and which has been tamed by man since antiquity.

Marijuana, Indian hemp, hashish, cannabis, beef… a plant known all over the world and which has been tamed by man since antiquity. The Bible talks about it because its fiber produces a better quality fabric. But here, it is above all the medicinal virtues of cannabis and the future of its culture that interests us.

A few words about marijuana

Marijuana, called cannabis in its vehicular name, is a plant that contains active ingredients called cannabinoids. They act on the body by attaching themselves to cellular receptors. Here are the two main assets.

1. Le CBD

CBD or tetrahydrocannabinol is another substance that has therapeutic properties. It acts on the immune system and helps fight many health problems. It also produces a pain-reliefing effect and creates a pleasant state of physical well-being (serenity, relaxation, relaxation, good quality sleep, etc.).

2. Le THC

THC or delta-g-tetrahydrocannabinol which causes a psychotropic effect. It acts on the nervous system and can influence the psychological and cognitive functions of the consumer. He’s the one who makes the marijuana smoker stone and makes him addicted. However, THC also has many medicinal properties, which are the subject of research in leading pharmaceutical companies.

To learn more, Seedsman, a group working to preserve the genetic heritage of marijuana and a strong supporter of the entry of cannabis into the legal framework, is an inexhaustible source of information on the subject.

3. The future of marijuana cultivation

The results of numerous researches on its benefits have led to the popularization of the use of cannabinoids for therapeutic purposes.

The French authority also authorizes cannabinoid-based medicines. This is the case with Dronabinol. On the other hand, the cultivation, possession and use of marijuana remain prohibited. THC also remains a prohibited product in France. In other countries such as Canada, the Netherlands and some U.S. federal states, the cultivation and use of raw marijuana is legal.

In view of the progress of research in this area and the activism of those who support its legalization, cultivating one’s own marijuana may be an interesting alternative. Provided, however, that its planting is used in the context of alternative medicine. With this in mind, you need cannabis seeds with carefully selected genetic materials to meet your specific needs.

4. Marijuana cultivation in France

France is in the top 3 of the countries with the highest marijuana users in Europe. However, the country is among the most regulated and strict with regard to the cultivation and consumption of this plant. This prohibition is mainly motivated by public health concerns (harmful effects of addiction) and public order (marijuana is considered a product promoting delinquency).

But regardless of its psychotropic influences, cannabis has a long list of beneficial effects. We can cite a few: stimulate appetite, prevent epileptic seizures, fight chronic pain, fight depression, reduce the progression of neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson and Alzheimer’s), soothe multiple sclerosis, alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy, etc.

Finally, with regard to marijuana planting, it is advisable to inform yourself to find out how is the law around cannabis in France before you start.