These General Conditions of Use describe the conditions of use of the site www.buzzmedias.net and must be accepted by any user and Member of the site, whether this person is natural or legal.

1. Definition of the Buzz Media service

Buzzmedias.net is a free service founded by B.M.E Sarl, allowing internet users to access the latest information on celebrities.
Buzzmedias.net is intended for adults (or minors acting under the control of their parents) as well as for legal persons.

2. Subscribe to the newsletter

To be able to enter to receive daily a summary of the people information of the day, each user must subscribe under the following conditions:
Registration conditions for Buzzmedias

  • The user must fill in an electronic form in which he provides personal data allowing his identification: he chooses his password, his identifier being his username and delivers his valid email address.
  • Once the form has been validated, the user becomes a member of Buzzmedias.

Subscription to the services provided on Buzzmedias is free.
Telecommunication costs (telephone subscription, ADSL connection, etc.) induced by connection to Buzzmedias services naturally remain the responsibility of the member.
Each member guarantees the creation, the conservation and the use of his nicknames and password which are personal to him and which must not be shared with a third party.
If a member has the feeling that his username and password are being used fraudulently by a third party, he must promptly inform B.M.E. Sarl at this address: [email protected]
The member recognizes and agrees to be solely responsible for the various uses of his password as well as his username which are strictly personal to him.
In the event of fraudulent use of a member account, Buzzmedias may suspend or delete this account.

3. Termination of the member account

– Duration of the member account

A member account is open for an indefinite period until the member decides to terminate it himself without justification.
The member account can also be terminated by Buzzmedias for several reasons (see following).

  • Termination of the subscription by Buzzmedias

Buzzmedias may terminate or suspend the subscription of a full member in the following cases (this list is not exhaustive):
In case of fault of the member:

  • Non-compliance with these General Conditions of Use by the member
  • Fraudulent use of a member account
  • Violation of applicable laws and regulations
  • Distribution of illegal content or content unrelated to the Buzzmedias service (pornography, vulgarity, defamation, racial discrimination, incitement to violence or racial, religious or ethnic hatred)
  • Use, copy or distribution of works protected by copyright without express authorization
  • Use of Buzzmedias for a purpose other than that of the site principle: media information

Access to all or part of Buzzmedias may also be restricted or even prohibited to any person who does not comply with these General Conditions of Use.

4. Intellectual property and third-party sites
– Links pointing to other sites and use of content from third-party sites

B.M.E Sarl is not responsible for the use of third party websites to which the member or a visitor would have had access via Buzzmedias.net.
If you access illicit or harmful third-party sites via Buzzmedias.net, please inform us immediately so that we can remove access to this site from Buzzmedias: [email protected]
– Property rights of Buzzmedias and third parties

The Buzzmedias service and all of its applications and functionalities are the property of B.M.E. Sarl. Any reproduction without the written consent of B.M.E. Sarl is prohibited.
All graphics and logos belong to Buzzmedias.
Content posted by a member from a third party site remains the property of the original site, with the responsibilities incumbent thereon.

5. Respect for privacy

B.M.E. Sarl made a declaration to the National Commission for Information Technology and Liberties (CNIL) concerning the collection and processing of personal information relating to Users / members, in accordance with the law of 6 January 1978 “Information Technology and Liberties”.

– Data collected

When a user registers on Buzzmedias.net, he provides information (some mandatory, others optional) which is collected by Buzzmedias in order to allow B.M.E. Sarl to identify members and give them access to the various services offered on Buzzmedias.
If the mandatory information required when registering on Buzzmedias is not provided by the user, the user cannot become a member of Buzzmedias.
The mandatory information will be used in particular for the member in order to identify himself on Buzzmedias and take advantage of our services (username and password).

  • Use of collected data

Buzzmedias undertakes to do its utmost to protect the personal data of members communicated during registration and possibly modified thereafter, but the company could be required to transmit this data to Buzzmedias staff or to service providers for technical reasons. .

  • Correction of data by Members

All users have, in accordance with article 34 of the law of January 6, 1978, the right to access, modify, rectify and delete personal data concerning them, a right they can exercise at any time. : Buzz Medias Entertainment, 6, rue de la Crèche, 75017 Paris.
Each member can request the rectification or the deletion of data concerning him which are inaccurate or obsolete.
To exercise these rights, members can make these changes themselves by sending an email to [email protected]

6. Liability
– The information provided on Buzzmedias may be erroneous and Buzzmedias cannot be held responsible.
– Each user of Buzzmedias is responsible for the use he makes of Buzzmedias and is solely responsible for any damage or loss of data caused to the member.

7. Contributions from Internet users (excluding comments on unmoderated articles)

Buzzmedias is an Internet magazine allowing the user, in addition to viewing the content offered, to post personal and collective content online.

To finance the services offered to contributors, Buzzmedias is free to market advertising space on the Site to advertisers of its choice. The user acknowledges having no right over these advertising spaces and refrains from any request or action relating thereto against B.M.E. Sarl or third parties.

Internet users can contribute to the content published on Buzzmedias by submitting texts, videos, sounds, images, illustrations, data on all media-related topics to their team. Contributions are sent by Internet users on a voluntary basis. They may be posted by Buzzmedias, on any page of its Site or in its newsletters.

Buzzmedias has no obligation to publish contributions and may remove content it deems inappropriate.

By publishing an article, an image, a video or a sound on the Site, the contributor yields to B.M.E. Sarl, free of charge and exclusively, all of its economic rights over the contribution.

The contributor thus yields to B.M.E. Sarl, the right to reproduce, without limit of number, the contribution by any means and in any form. This assignment of the reproduction right includes in particular the right to reproduce the contribution by any digital, magnetic, electronic, optical, analog process and any printing, drawing, engraving, photography, photocopying, or other process of graphic arts, as well as the right to reproduce the contribution on any digital, magnetic, electronic, optical, analog medium including in particular optical disc (CD, DVD), hard disk, electronic memory and data processing of any type (alive, dead, static, virtual), mass memory of any type or format, and on any graphic support known to date and in particular on paper support.

The contributor yields to B.M.E. Sarl, the right to represent the contribution by any means and in any form. This transfer of the right of representation includes in particular the right to represent the contribution by public presentation, slide show, public projection, rear projection, or transmission in private or public places, the right to represent the contribution by any digital, electronic, computer process, or analog communication to the public and in particular by any network (internet, intranet), wired or wireless, by mobile or fixed telephone, by electronic mail or paper, by hertzian diffusion, telematics, by satellite, by cable distribution, optical fiber , by digital terrestrial television.

The contributor yields to B.M.E. Sarl, the right to modify the contribution and in particular the right of translation, adaptation, arrangement. This assignment of the right to modify the contribution includes in particular the right to make any addition or deletion, the right to illustrate the contribution with sounds, video, images, the right to translate the contribution in any other language used as written means or communication, the right to adapt it to any change in the graphic charter or layout of the Buzzmedias Site or to any change in medium, the right to adapt it so that people with one or more impairments of motor, physical, sensory, mental, cognitive or psychic functions can access them.

B.M.E. Sarl may exploit the rights transferred to any public and on any market. This assignment is granted to have effect for all the time that intellectual property will last on the contribution according to both French and foreign legislation and international conventions, including any extensions that may be made to this duration by national legislation. and international. This assignment is also granted to have effect in all places and in all countries.

The reproduction by the author of his work is strictly limited to the private setting, on the personal blog of the author of which he is himself the editor and must not be done on Sites comparable to Buzzmedias, unless express consent of Buzzmedias.

Users retain their moral rights in their works and can at any time request their withdrawal by asserting their right to repent, upon request or through their publication space.

In order to create increased visibility for the author and his contributions, they are likely to be referenced and, as a result, to be visible on content aggregator sites and RSS readers, or even on partner sites. The transfer of economic rights also applies to this kind of links which refer directly to the Buzzmedias page where the intended contribution is located.

The contributor, by depositing his contribution, accepts without compensation that it be reproduced, according to the technical rules of indexing, formatting and enhancement which are the sole responsibility of Buzzmedias.

Buzzmedias has economic rights and reserves the right to distribute a contribution on any other medium than the Site known or not to date, in direct connection with the editorial policy of the Site.

As the editor of the home page, Buzzmedias alone decides on the highlighting of articles and its organization. The management of the articles in the other pages is done automatically according to a technical process of which Buzzmedias is the owner.

The contributor sends his articles, images, animated or not, or any other form of collaboration free of charge. Their posting does not give right to any remuneration, which the internet user expressly accepts.

8. Partial invalidity of these General Conditions

If one or more points of these General Conditions were invalidated by law or regulation, the other rules set out in these General Conditions which represent the entire agreement between Buzzmedias and its users and members remain valid.
The null clauses will be replaced by another valid one which will resemble the first.

9. Modifications

These General Conditions can be modified at any time by Buzzmedias. These modifications will take effect from their publication on the site and imply acceptance of the modified General Conditions of Use.

10. Assignment of jurisdiction

These General Conditions are subject to and interpreted in accordance with French law.
In the event of a dispute relating to the interpretation or execution of these, the Commercial Courts of Paris are competent.